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Tips To Help You Find the Perfect Plus Size Wedding Dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a daunting task. There are so many choices, and it's hard to know where to start looking, let alone how to find the best plus size wedding dresses for your body type. But never fear. Here is a comprehensive list of plus size wedding dress shopping tips that will help make your search a little easier.

1. Know Your Body Type

Knowing your body type and understanding what styles look best on you will go a long way in helping you find the perfect plus size wedding dress for your big day. Everyone has different shapes, and our bodies come in all different types; pear, apple, inverted triangle – they're all beautiful. So, know that with just about any cut or style of plus size wedding dresses, there is something out there that's going to flatter your figure beautifully.

2. Do Your Research

The internet is a fantastic resource for finding information on just about anything, so take advantage of it. Look up plus size wedding dress designs to get ideas and inspiration. Tons of websites cater specifically to the plus size bride, making your search easier than ever before. Just note that while you're researching different designers, be on the lookout for any scam artists who prey on brides-to-be with promises of special discounts if they pay immediately using methods such as wire transfers. Also, be sure not to fall victim to companies that offer free shipping, but charge more for sizes larger than a certain number.

3. Keep Your Budget in Mind

It's just as important to keep your budget in mind when shopping for plus size wedding dresses since you never want to spend more than what is comfortable for you. Depending on the designer and construction, wedding dress prices can vary widely, so it helps if you know what price range works best for your current financial situation.

4. Shop in Person

Although many plus size brides shop for their wedding dresses online, shopping for your dress in person is the best way to find the perfect dress. There are many options out there when it comes to finding a gorgeous gown that may not be featured on any website or blog. Plus, if you fall in love with an item from an internet site, make sure you check return policies before purchase since some bridal shops don't allow returns while others will charge restocking fees which can sometimes double the cost of shipping and handling.

5. Keep an Open Mind

If you have a certain style or cut of dress in mind, don't be too attached. Brides often get caught up on finding "the one" and sometimes overlook other styles that would look better on them than what they originally had in mind. So while it's important to stay true to your personal preferences for your big day, remember not everything works out as planned, so keeping an open mind about all different types of gowns is better.

6. Avoid Trends

It's not uncommon for some plus size brides to be caught up in looking at the latest wedding trends of certain designers. While it can be tempting to follow all of these rules, sometimes more traditional styles are better suited to your body type and overall look. Plus, being open about trends can help you discover new and upcoming designers that may not yet be featured online or elsewhere, giving you great opportunities to snag a unique gown without breaking the bank.

7. Be Confident

Remember, there are absolutely no definite rules when it comes to plus size wedding dresses. If you like a certain style of dress that's not necessarily an industry standard, go for it. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about your outfit because, in the end, this is your special day, and you want to look back at pictures knowing that you looked fabulous on your big day.

According to Brandon Gaille, after seeing their pictures, nearly 30% of brides said they would have swapped their gown for another. Try and avoid being part of that statistic by keeping these tips in mind when searching for your perfect dress.

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